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Fit Body Retreat; Detox Oasis; Elk Ridge, LLC; Rusk Elk Ranch, LLC and its owners, staff members and associates MAY NOT be held RESPONSIBLE WHATSOEVER FOR LIABILITY RESULTING FROM: ACCIDENT, INJURY, PARTICIPATION at Detox Oasis, or other mishap not herein described, which might occur on these/their premises.

I understand that: Detox Oasis - Fit Body Retreat does not offer/provide medical or health care of any kind for anyone. It is a natural nutritional health learning center dedicated to the living foods lifestyle or body building nutritional lifestyle. Arrangements for medical services are with a local physician with a private medical practice.

I am aware that: Detox Oasis - Fit Body Retreat is unable to accommodate anyone unwilling/unable to care for themselves and/or their needs.

 I also realize that: If I am now or become in the future unable to attend to my personal needs I will leave Detox Oasis or Fit Body Retreat, subject to the recommendations of its owner, staff members, or associates. I have read the above and hereby agree to participate in accordance with the program directives to cooperate with staff and associates in an effort to achieve its intended purpose and to pay in full on the first day of the program ALL charges commensurate with my particular program and personal accommodation.

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I hereby authorize Elk Ridge Resort, LLC, Detox Oasis, Fit Body Retreat, Ageless Medicine, LLC - its officers, agents, managers, unit holders, affiliates, employees, contractors, and representatives to charge me for the stated U.S. dollar amount effective this date. Purchaser agrees that no payment transaction shall be disputed by purchaser for any reason after the patient's name has been provided and/or received products and services and payment transaction has occurred. Elk Ridge, LLC and/or any of the above named affiliates reserves the right to refund or deny any payment at the company's sole discretion.

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